Step 1: Enter your details from your latest statement
(Note: Only adjust the Minimum % Payment if the First Month Minimum Payment shown below is different to that shown on your actual credit card statement.)

Your Account Balance $
Annual Interest Rate % Minimum % Payment %

Step 2: Compare how long it takes to pay off your credit card using Minimum Payments only versus Higher Payments
(Note: Assumes that you do not spend any more, including cash advances, on your credit card.)

First Month Minimum Payment $ OR Choose Higher Payment? $
(Note: The First Month Minimum Payment figure is calculated automatically using Your Account Balance and the Minimum % Payment entered above.)

Step 3: Click Calculate to see your result        

By making only Minimum Payments you pay $26,786 more over approximately 57 more years compared to making Higher Payments.

Minimum Payment only Higher Payment
Time to Pay Off 62 Years and 8 Months 5 Years and 4 Months
Interest Paid $32,457 $5,671
Out of range - will take more than 90 years


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