1. Input boxes marked with a include notes to assist you to fill out the box. Move your cursor over the to view the note. 
  2. Select a specific date, maybe today or 30 June, as the basis for this snapshot of your Financial Position.
  3. Only enter amounts into the white input boxes. The totals in the coloured boxes will be calculated automatically for you.
  4. Use the Tab key on your keyboard to move to the next input box, using the Tab key will also update the totals.
  5. Watch out for factors, like selling your house, that could make this snapshot of your Financial Position unusual.
Current assets (expected within 12 months)
Cheque accounts $
Savings accounts $
Money owed to you
Loans to other people $
Tax refund due $
Rental bond/ security deposits $
Short term investments
Term deposits $
Cash management accounts $
Other $
Other assets you plan to sell in the next 12 months $
Total current assets $
Non-current assets (expected in more than 12 months)
Non-income producing assets
Own home $
Furniture, household effects $
Car/ boat/ caravan $
Vacant land, weekender $
Rental bond/ security deposits $
Collectibles $
Investments and income producing assets
Loans to other people $
Superannuation $
Investment property $
Shares $
Managed investments $
Long term deposits/ bonds/ debentures $
Life policies (surrender value) $
Total non-current assets $
Total assets $0
Current liabilities (due within 12 months)
Interest bearing liabilities
Credit card debt $
Hire purchase/ store cards $
Overdrafts - if you must settle within next 12 months $
Other personal or finance company loans $
Non-interest bearing liabilities
Interest free days credit card, store card debts $
Amount due for goods and services $
Taxes owed $
HECS debt $
Child support/maintenance payments due now $
Total current liabilities $
Non-current liabilities (due in more than 12 months)
Interest bearing liabilities
Mortgage for your own home $
Other personal or finance company loans $
Investment loans $
Non-interest bearing liabilities
Amount due for goods or services on interest free terms $
Interest free loans $
Total non-current liabilities $
Total liabilities $0

Three tests of your financial position

  1. Adequate current assets to meet current liabilities? $0
  (A red negative number can warn of problems)
  2. Your net wealth, or equity? $0
   (Assets minus liabilities equals equity)
  3. Your equity's share of total assets? 0%
   (Indicates financial strength)
 Note: Choose "landscape" when printing for the best results.