Your net worth

Current assets (expected within 12 months)
Cheque accounts $
Savings accounts $
Money owed to you
Loans to other people $
Tax refund due $
Rental bond/ security deposits $
Short term investments
Term deposits $
Cash management accounts $
Other $
Other assets you plan to sell in the next 12 months $
Total current assets $
Non-current assets (expected in more than 12 months)
Non-income producing assets
Own home $
Furniture, household effects $
Car/ boat/ caravan $
Vacant land, weekender $
Rental bond/ security deposits $
Collectibles $
Investments and income producing assets
Loans to other people $
Superannuation $
Investment property $
Shares $
Managed investments $
Long term deposits/ bonds/ debentures $
Life policies (surrender value) $
Total non-current assets $
Total assets $0
Current liabilities (due within 12 months)
Interest bearing liabilities
Credit card debt $
Hire purchase/ store cards $
Overdrafts - if you must settle within next 12 months $
Other personal or finance company loans $
Non-interest bearing liabilities
Interest free days credit card, store card debts $
Amount due for goods and services $
Taxes owed $
HECS debt $
Child support/maintenance payments due now $
Total current liabilities $
Non-current liabilities (due in more than 12 months)
Interest bearing liabilities
Mortgage for your own home $
Other personal or finance company loans $
Investment loans $
Non-interest bearing liabilities
Amount due for goods or services on interest free terms $
Interest free loans $
Total non-current liabilities $
Total liabilities $0

Three tests of your financial position

  1. Adequate current assets to meet current liabilities? $0
  (A red negative number can warn of problems)
  2. Your net wealth, or equity? $0
   (Assets minus liabilities equals equity)
  3. Your equity's share of total assets? 0%
   (Indicates financial strength)
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